Eco Marine Deck are the UK and Ireland sole distributor for “MARINEDECK 2000”

Eco marine deck limited is the result of almost 10 years refined installation experience with MarineDeck 2000, by our sister company Peninsula marine services Limited. We are proud to work alongside “Peninsula”, who primarily provide marine services throughout the South West and specialise in providing this brand of cork decking.

“MARINEDECK 2000” is manufactured by “Stazo” – a Dutch company that has spent decades creating the perfect decking solution for the marine industry.

The product can be supplied as simple individual planks or sheets, either seamed and caulked, or as a templated prefabricated deck, manufactured at out Plymouth factory. We can also supply to boat and yacht manufacturers, digitally footprinted CNC cut decks for production building. Due to its versatility, customised designs can be produced for any single craft.

“MARINEDECK 2000” is the most superior cork decking product on the market. It is the only one that has been specifically developed for long-term outdoor use, unlike many of its competitors, who have merely adapted existing products to meet new industry requirements. We are so confident in our product and its sustainability, consistency and quality that we offer a 5-year guarantee on materials.

Matured Burmese teak is no longer available to boat builders and therefore owners must look elsewhere for decking. “MARINE 2000” undoubtedly offers the best alternative to teak timber. It does not imitate teak and is a sustainable and viable alternative. In addition, it provides many additional benefits that its competitors do not.

ECO Marine decking

What is Eco Deck?

Decks can come in a variety of materials – classic teak and other sawn woods, plastic PVC alternatives or simply a non-slip coating. Natural cork provides so much more and does not involve the destruction of any trees, or deforestation.

  • It can be provided in any thickness above 6mm
  • It is easy to fabricate and install.
  • It can last decades.
  • it is easy to maintain and repair.
  • it has great insulation qualities.
  • it is non-slip and comfortable to walk on.

Our installation technicians are trained to the highest technical levels and standards and our services include surveying, planning, production, and installation. We can design your dream yacht with you – and it is a lot less expensive than you might think!

We are all looking to change the way we live and consume our natural resources. To comply with this, “MARINEDECK 2000” cork granules are harvested in accordance with chain custody principles and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) framework.

Cork (Suberose Parenchyma) is highly homogenous and consists almost entirely of cellular membranes, through which no channels run. The cork tissue is formed from dead cells and each cell consists of solid and gaseous materials, the latter being atmospheric air and carbon dioxide. One cubic centimetre of cork contains about forty million cells. Cork granules are excellent thermal insulators and can reduce heat loss by 36% or lower temperatures by 53%. Cork is so efficient that it has been used in protective heat shields in space.

To utilise all the advantages and properties of cork, a hybrid synthetic binder and water-proofer was developed, then improved and finally adapted to meet exacting environmental requirements. To achieve a consistent product, we have exacting quality control systems in place and operate with the latest technical and design equipment at our production facilities.

Why use “MarineDeck 2000” over other types of decking

Marinedeck 2000® Teak PVC Composite
Comfort Tactile and comfortable under bare feet
Weight saving Lighter than teak by 46%
Anti-slip Great nonslip properties
Sustainable Carbon positive 100% sustainable
Sound proofing Excellent sound proofing qualities
Temperature balancing Low heat transfer and absorption. Keeping the inside cool on hot days and warm on cold days.
Damage Resistant Absorbs impacts and retains shape Easy and quick to repair
Water Resistant Will not absorb moisture or water
Longevity Will last decades
Environmental impact Eco friendly
Warranty (5 years) On materials
Natural Excellence & Comfort.

Why Choose MARINEDECK 2000

The extreme high level comfort of the “soft touch” when walking or laying on MARINEDECK® exterior influenced many naval architects, captains and owners to choose this product.

No Maintenance

Light Weight

Remains Cool


Durable & Strong

All climate resistant

Easy to clean

Environmentally Friendly

Marinedeck 2000®

The premium alternative to marine decks

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