Natural Excellence & Comfort.

High performance cork decking which can be installed on any surface.

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Reduce heat loss

About ECO Marine Deck

It’s natural, not imitation

Eco Marine Deck are the UK and Ireland sole distributor for “MARINEDECK 2000”

Back in the early 80-s we began research on alternatives for teak ship decks. Many different options were investigated, including many synthetic materials. Our focus was on something non-skid, easy to clean, with a long life cycle and very limited or no technical maintenance. As a matter of fact natural cork was our first choice from the beginning. Research confirmed we were on the right path.

Marine decking
Eco Marine Deck
Marinedeck 2000

Marinedeck 2000 on a Fantasi 37

Extremely comfortable insulated decking.


Proven on any surface for over three decades

For the last three decades forward thinking yacht owners and manufacturers have chosen MARINEDECK 2000 as their preferred sustainable decking product. Independent tests, based on many years of installation, have proven the durability of the product and the results of these tests have made it the most highly recommended product of its kind.

The one-off production of prefabricated marine decks is now replacing the traditional method of installing decks on yachts and powerboats. It offers a no risk concept for the boat builder and yacht owner alike. The design versatility enables the production of accurate digital templates, using cutting edge CNC equipment, which can reproduce the design for new builds and existing production boats alike. For the one off custom designed deck, templates can be taken on the craft and the deck is then prefabricated at our factory. These prefabricated decks are quickly despatched for fitting on site. Alternatively, we can supply the product in planking or sheet form and local speciality deck fitters can lay the deck traditionally.

We Have been enjoying our new cork deck this summer. It is a lovely none slip surface to sit, kneel or walk on with or without shoes. It finishes off and compliments the internal renovations done a few years ago. In both cases a perfect balance was struck between modern convenience and retaining the classic and unique features Of the boat. We are enjoying using the boat and the positive comments we get wherever we go.

Nicola Stacey

I wish I had switched to cork decking years ago – comfortable to walk on and a good insulator – thoroughly recommend the product.

George Mason

It’s properties are superior to teak, although it lacks the effect of grained wood.

Nigel Boulton

For cost-effective decking it is unbeatable – I am a total convert to this product.

Simon Hunter
Natural Excellence & Comfort.

Why Choose MARINEDECK 2000

The extreme high level comfort of the “soft touch” when walking or laying on MARINEDECK® exterior influenced many naval architects, captains and owners to choose this product.

No Maintenance

Light Weight

Remains Cool


Durable & Strong

All climate resistant

Easy to clean

Environmentally Friendly

Marinedeck 2000®

The premium alternative for marine decks

premium marine decks
Marine decking
High performance cork decking
High performance decking